Aerosofts - Night Environment - Finland - FSX

Aerosofts - Night Environment - Finland - FSX 1.10

An add-on for PSX and P3D that revolutionizes the way Finland looks at night
1.10 (See all)

Night Environment - Finland is an add-on for PSX and Prepar3D that revolutionizes the way Finland looks at night. Using a series of databases it will add lights to roads and other areas. Hundreds of thousands of lights clearly show how highways connect cities and how smaller roads meander into neighborhoods. Visual navigation at night becomes a real option and even easier than during daytime just as it often is in real aviation. The Night Environment database contains more roads then FSX or P3D, so you will see roads at night where you couldn't see none during daytime. All lights are potentially visible for 60 miles so large areas will light up around you. As the highway lights are raised above the surface and have a lit bitmap below them, a correct 3D effect is created.

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